The Transborder Integrity Initiative is a network of entities engaged in international commerce seeking to promote, by colletive action, transparency and integrity in international trade operations.

Our two pillars are:

  • Customs compliance: Increasing the quality of internal controls and procedures in private companies; and
  • Anti-Corruption compliance: Identifying risks of corruption involved in cross-border trade in high-risk countries and implementing appropriate internal controls and compliance measures to address such risks.


The Transborder Integrity Initiative™‘s Conference in Santiago objective is to honor the customs integrity programs that have been globally developed and as well by the Government of Chile and disseminate them among the Private Sector, represented in the event by leading local and global corporations, also with robust controls aimed at Compliance and transparency of its international trade operations.

The International Congress will emphasize the public-private partnership between Customs Administration and companies around the common purpose of economic development through trade facilitation, in accordance with legal standards and with transparency, caring for the principles which guide the 21st Century and the future of humanity.

Events Performed

Board Meeting – São Paulo, Brazil – October 27th, 2016